About us

We build with passion, commitment and technical excellence that comesĀ from our Projects.

Company History

The construction company MALO Development was founded in 2004 by Malomitis Athanasios with the aim of constructing and trading of privately owned luxury residences and apartments.

During 2009, the company successfully evolved in the renovation industry and then diversified into the construction of different types of shops of renowned companies all over Greece and abroad. It soon became a prominent member of the hotel industry with renovations of old hotels and erection of new ones, all accomplished with great success and distinction.

Today we are working with the largest architectural offices in Greece and we have pride in our numerous and well executed constructions. Some of the main attributes that MALO has exhibited in the field of construction that have greatly distinguished it from its competitors are its punctuality, its organisation and its short implementation time.

MALO Development Undertakes:


MALO Development undertakes the construction of all kinds of projects: Buildings, Hotels, Residences, Shops, Offices and more; all while ensuring the delivery of even technical and aesthetic works within budget & timetable punctuality.


MALO Development is specialized in the renovation of hotels, professional spaces and residential properties. It is known to satisfy demanding timeframes and strict specifications.


Through the combining of traditional techniques and the use of new innovative materials, MALO Development focuses on the needs of each customer and successfully performs a wide range of construction work.